Fittonia /Nerve Plant (any two pots)

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Quantity: Any two random pots having different colored fittonia plant from our 7 different color stock

Position: terrarium, garden, etc.

Note: At times we send this product in jiffy pots too; depending on the availability of our stocks.

  • Beautiful foliage plant
  • Perfect for hanging baskets, terrariums, indoors, bathrooms, and so on.
  • Shade-loving plant
  • Easy stem propagation

The fittonia or nerve plant is a stunning foliage plant and is gaining more and more popularity in recent years the world over because of its interesting appearance.

It was first discovered by famous botanists Sarah May Fitton and Elizabeth in the 19th century and is named after them. This plant is native to the South American rain forests and can primarily be found in dense forests of Peru.

Naturally, they grow under shades of rain forests trees and grow compact to the ground. Although they love moisture, waterlogging may adversely affect this plant and excessive watering causes it to decay. So as hobbyists we need to be cautious about this.

Even though there are many subspecies, most fittonias have oval-shaped leaves and have vivid colored leaf veins. Their veins and leaves come in most colors. For example pink, red, purple, green, peach, and so on. This coloration helps these plants in nature to ward off any plant-eating predators as vibrant colors indicate toxicity although this plant is not poisonous at all. How interesting, isn’t it! Under extremely lower light levels, it is found to reduce its color levels and kind of turn to green coloration. Bright indirect sunlight is recommended for hobbyists as a general rule in keeping these plants.

Fittonias can grow up to 20 cms in length and will form a bushy shape with numerous branches from the main stem.

Propagation of fittonias is primarily through stems. Even from a short stem of 1 cm, they can easily be grown. If you place a tiny leaf of this plant in soil too, it will propagate under the right circumstances. Leaf propagation and water propagation are popular for this plant, yet at Himadri Gardens, we use coco peat as the medium for propagation. We have had tried almost all methods and found this technique the best in our propagation experiments.

Fittonias are very hardy plants and are barely found to have any diseases. Root rot is only the problem we had faced. But the plant is prone to mosaic virus and leaf spots. If not overwatered, we can easily keep this beautiful plant without much trouble.

Major fittonia varieties:
1. Fittonia albivenis skeleton: it has round light olive green leaves with dark reddish veins. Light yellow color is also observed in leaves when they are young. It is also one of the shortest, small-leafed, and compact fittonia variety
2. Fittonia Daisy: A unique fittonia with a grey-white tone on leaves. Interestingly there are also curly leaf edges on this plant. Its vein patterns are more prominent and whitish patterns almost overpower green leaves, and we could only see greens as dots because of this reason.
3. Fittonia Frankie: It is a fittonia with pink veins all over the leaves. Its matured leaves are larger among the fittonia family. Immatured leaves of this fittonia are almost diamond-shaped and have prominent pinkish-white coloration all over the leaves. Leaf nodal distance is also higher on this fittonia.

4. Fittonia Josan: A stunning reddish fittonia with almost leaf and vein color in pure reddish color. This is uncommon in other varieties where only veins have color and not other parts of the leaf. Fittonia Josan is a medium-sized fittonia and because of its size and color, it is a favorite variety amongst fittonia collectors.

5. Fittonia Juanita: A large-leafed fittonia with a reddish-pink vein all over the leaves. Its leaf also has dark green leaves and over which pinkish veins look absolutely contrasting. Due to its large shapes, it’s among a few varieties of fittonias that could be viewed from a long distance. So one can hang it in hanging planters or place it on top racks of planters.

6. Fittonia Leather Leaf: A fittonia with a matt leathery look on a leaf. It’s a green-colored and whitish veined fittonia that is said to tolerate lower light levels.

7. Fittonia Mini Superba: it’s a large greeny leafed fittonia. Interestingly its leaf node distance is lower; making it very compact and eye-catching. Its cousin fittonia Superba has a larger nodal distance, unlike mini Superba.

8. Fittonia Mini Red Vein: An olive green shaded Fittonia with reddish-pink veins making it one of the most interesting fittonia in the fittonia family. As the name suggests, it’s a miniature variety and has small round leaves.

9. Fittonia pink angel: A light pink fittonia specimen. If placed in smaller white pots, they do look very beautiful. They have lower nodal distance and have smaller leaves. This particular variant is also an Instagram fame and can be seen in frames for plant keepers the world over.

10. Fittonia Mini White: It’s a smaller fittonia variety with small leaves and striking white veins. Its leaf color is dark sap green. Interestingly their leaf veins are very prominent and have numerous veins that are close together. This dwarf fittonia variety will do great in smaller terrariums and glass ecosystems.

11. Fittonia pink vein: This variant is one of the largest fittonia varieties and can grow long. Its leaf nodal distance is higher and has larger leaves. For this reason, it’s a fittonia variety that could be grown in hanging pots

12. Fittonia Pink Star: A large fittonia variety with curly leaf edges. Its pink veins are well defined and are very contrasting to dark geen leaves

13. Fittonia Red Anne: A medium-sized fittonia variety with reddish vein coloration.

14. Fittonia Red Vein: A truly jungle-looking fittonia with fewer vein patterns. Only major leaf veins have a reddish color and unlike other fittonias it lacks color in smaller leaf veins that stem from major ones. Its leaf has a stunning olive color.

15. Fittonia Red Star: a diamond shape leafed fittonia with dark pinkish-red veins almost covering the entire leaf. When the leaf matures, its shape becomes more of an oval shape and vein coloration darkens and the greenish color overpowers.

16. Fittonia Ruby Red: It has a ruby red coloration on its veins. They have larger leaves and looks amazing

17. Fittonia Stripes Forever: A greenish-colored fittonia with unique white veins. As the name suggests, they have closely arranged vein patterns and cover the entire leaf. It differs from other fittonias in their leaf pattern.

18. Fittonia Superba: A common fittonia variety among hobbyists. Its propagation is most easy and grows faster in comparison to other fittonias. They have large green leaves with white veins all over. It is more of a trailing variety and tends to stay closer to the ground.

19. Fittonia Titanic: Unlike the name suggests, it is a medium-sized fittonia with narrow green leaves. They have white veins.

20. Fittonia White Anne: The unique feature of this fittonia is their whitish patterns. Their whites veins are extremely prominent and almost make the plant leaves look white and hence the name.

21. Fittonia White Brocade: another common fittonia variety is fittonia white brocade. Its propagation is the easiest and the growth rate is faster. In addition, this fittonia can well tolerate lower light conditions.

22. Fittonia angel snow: a small green fittonia variety with lateral growth. It is also a fast-growing variety in the fittonia family. They have white veins.

23. Fittonia verschaffeltii Black Star: this variety has dark purple veins and blackish-green leaves. It is one of the fan favorites among the fittonia species. Because of their distinguished coloration

24. Fittonia Fortissimo: This is a large-leafed, wild-looking fittonia with broad green leaves and reddish veins. Their sub-branch veins are colorless and lower leaf portions have a darker blackish tone.

25. Fittonia pink forest flame: as the name suggests, they have vivid pink coloration on their leaves. Vein color almost outruns green leaf color and we could only see some green spots for this reason.
26. Fittonia red forest flame: as the name suggests, they have vivid red coloration on their leaves. Only green edges are visible on this plant and the rest of the leaves are almost red.
27. Fittonia jungle flame: it has red and pinkish veins on olive green leaves
28. Fittonia autumn flame: they have purplish-pink veins. Leaf edges are dark green in color and have a wavy pattern
29. Fittonia pink special: they have stunning pink color on leaves and are compact and short. They grow slowly and the leaves are almost round and bubble-like.
30. Fittonia pink star: pink veins and curly edges leaves make them unique
31. Fittonia pink magic: another fittonia with vibrant pink coloration. They have more slender leaves.
32. Fittonia Zalm forest flame: a whitish-pink veined fittonia with dark green leaves.
33. Fittonia pink crinkle: a fittonia with a strong curly pattern on leaf edges and with vibrant pink leaf coloration
34. Fittonia verschaffeltii pink: it has blackish-green leaves over which white and pink veins run through.
35. Fittonia purplish vein: a rare and uncommon variety of fittonia having true purple-colored veins on dark green leaves
36. Fittonia pink ruby lime: pink colored veins and yellowish leaves makes them unique
37. Fittonia mosaic skeleton: they have bleeding red-colored veins and their red color nearly smudges to the light green leaves
38. Fittonia mosaic white tiger: they have white veins on green leaves
39. Fittonia mosaic pink tiger: they have pink veins on broad dark green leaves
40. Fittonia mosaic pink diamond: their pink veins are more straight and are crossed throughout the leaf.
41. Fittonia pink Ann: they have light pink leaves with curly edges. At the central portion, there are more green spots. Contrastingly they have darker pink veins in comparison to their light pink leaves.
42. Fittonia pearcei Juanita: it is a fittonia with broad light olive green leaves and pinkish and yellowish veins. Once the leaf matures, the leaf color turns a bit darker in coloration.
43. Fittonia albivenis Frankie: they have curly edges and pink veins. However at the central portion of leaves, light yellowish-white color is prominent.
44. Fittonia Josan mini nerve: in comparison to fittonia Josan, they have miniature leaves.
45. Fittonia jolly Josan: they have more upward growth and would be perfect in table side pots. They have bright green leaves and pink veins.
46. Fittonia jolly lemon: this particular variant has round leaves and white veins. Interestingly their younger leaves have a lemon-yellow color instead of green and hence the name.
47. Fittonia white forest flame: white forest flame has strong white-colored veins on leaves, making it almost white entirely for human eyes.
48. Fittonia most snow Anne: their younger leaves are covered in pale white color. Matured leaves have white veins and green color
49. Fittonia Bianco Verde: a broad-leafed fittonia with light whitish green colored veins on green leaves.
50. Fittonia silver nerve: they have greyish-white veins on green leaves.
51. Fittonia mont blanc: a white vein and green leafed fittonia. They are compact and small-leafed.
52. Fittonia mosaic marble white: white-colored fittonia with a lot of defined white geometric patterns on leaves.
53. Fittonia mosaic king cross: it is a fittonia with almost frill-like leaf edges and has prominent white coloration.
54. Fittonia minima white nerve: they have white veins and round green leaves
55. Fittonia minima neon nerve: they have neon olive green colored round leaves and red nerves.

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