Philodendron Brazil (Single plant)

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It is also called as Philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’. This variety of philodendron has heart-shaped leaves, which are glossy in appearance. The half leaf is dark green while the other half can be splashing lime green or strokes of lime green on dark green leaves. The plant is a CLIMBING TYPE and grows up to 1-3 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. This plant is an easy to care and providing a perfect tropical touch to any home.




  • Provide a loose, a well-draining soil mixture, not much sandy. Since they prefer organic content in the soil such as peat, coconut peat, keeping a balanced acidic soil (pH 6-6.5) is benefitting to the plant growth.


  • These plant needs a bright indirect light so keep near a window where sunlight does not fall. Do not let direct sunlight touch the foliage, the leaves may become scorched or many leaves will turn yellow.
  • An adequate amount of light is necessary to keep the plant compact.


  • Since they belong to the tropics, they prefer moist soil (not wet). Before watering check for the moisture level in soil by inserting your finger up to an inch (2.5 cm), if soil feels dry then water the plant (twice or thrice a week).
  • Drooping of leaves is possible if the plant is underwatered or overwatered. Reduce watering during winters.


  • Pruning is not required much but if you wish to contain the plant or if the plant’s becoming leggy, then prune it. Pruning should be done in early spring (March-April) or summers (May-June). Do remove the yellow leaves.
  • Philodendron Brazil is a fast growing variety, hence a regular pruning is necessary for a fuller appearance in those pots of yours.


  • Fertilize your plant during the early spring or summers (May-July). Using liquid fertilizers are good for any plant as it ensures faster absorption.
  • Stems getting leggier and spreading is a sign that your plant is not getting enough light. So, just adjust the location of your plant to the nearest bright spot possible.
  • Calcium and magnesium deficiencies are indicated by pale new leaves. Provide calcium with bone ash or egg shells or calcium enriched fertilizers.
  • Slow growing philodendrons can be boosted by a half cup of coffee and half cup of water once a while.


  • If you have the plant for a year or so and you observe the plant is growing slow, check for its nutrient requirements or the plants need a bigger pot.



  1. Cutting in potting mix: Cut 3-4 inches long branch with some foliage and aerial roots. Remove the leaves at the bottom of the cutting that will be pushed into the soil. Push 1-2 inches of the bare stem and moist the soil sufficiently. Keep in shade. Look out for new growth of the new developing plant. Wait for a week to let the root system develop and then re-pot it to a larger one.
  2. Cutting in water: Cut 3-4 inches long branch with some foliage and aerial roots. Remove the leaves at the bottom of the cutting or else these will rot when dipped in water. Keep changing the water every 4-5 days and let the root system develop and then plant in the soil.


COLOURS ON PLANT Dark green and Lime green
PLANT TYPE Tropical; Indoor/outdoor (keep in partial shade), CLIMBING TYPE
SOIL Loose, moist (not wet), well-draining mix, acidic/ high organic matter
LIGHT REQUIREMENT Bright Indirect sunlight
WATERING 2-3 times a week (increase watering in hot temperature)
FERTILIZERS Once or twice during summers (April-May)
PROPAGATION Stem cutting



These are native to the Tropical forests of West Indies and Americas. They prefer wet, humid, climate and being a resident of tropical forests prefer organically rich soil. There are two types of philodendrons: climbing and non-climbing philodendrons. The leaves of philodendron are different young and old phase; younger leaves lighter in shade and older ones much darker. They range from 1-20 feet tall height and 1-6 feet width varying in different species.


UNIQUE FEATURE: They are an excellent home cleaning and purifying plant, and removes formaldehyde.

Quantity: A single plant with roots.



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