Alternanthera reineckii ‘mini’ (Large pot)

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Note: in emersed form, the distance between leaf nodes is higher, whereas when submerged, the leaf node gaps reduce acutely.

  • Quantity: 6 plus Stem Cuttings in a pot
  • Origin: Farm developed version of Alternanthera reineckii
  • Plant positioning:  Foreground
  • Light requirement: High
  • CO2 requirement: Medium-High
  • Plant difficulty level: Intermediate-Extreme
  • Plant Propagation: Stem Cuttings

Alternanthera Reineckii Mini
The red-glowing stem plant known as Alternanthera Reineckii Mini is another marvel of underwater landscaping. This aquatic species emphasises the idea you want to get through to your audience.
Origin and Background
In its most natural state, the South American plant Alternanthera Reineckii thrives in water. Due to flooding brought on by rain, it can be seen laying on riverbanks, in wetlands, and in moistened places. But by a methodical kind of cultivation drawn from its natural source, its microscopic size can be generated and nurtured.
There are now five kinds of dwarf miniature Alternanthera reineckii that have been cultured. One of them is AR Mini, an easy-to-cultivate type that is popular in aquatrade.
It started to be widely distributed in European nations in 2007. A variation of this plant species is still readily accessible in horticultural and pet fish stores today.
A delicate dwarf variety of the stem plant, Alternanthera Reineckii, is called Alternanthera Reineckii Mini. It is a difficult, slowly growing aquatic plant with vibrantly coloured leaves.
As tiny foreground plants are to small tanks, this red miniature aquatic plant’s gradual development makes it distinctive, and its bushes set an accent to the overall aesthetic.
The differences between the two variants are minimal. In its submerged position, the plant can create a long stem with extending internodes and produce flowers. On the other hand, the submerged shape exhibits a vibrant colouring.

Height: 5 – 30 cm.
Width: 5 to 10 cm.
Coloration: crimson, reddish-brown, red, purple, pink
Growth State: emersed or submerged
Suggested Decoration
Due to its brilliant crimson-red and brown tones, Alternanthera Reineckii is a well-liked aquatic plant in the Dutch aquascape.
This bushy, well-branched stem plant, also called as AR mini by aquarists, can be produced in miniature. Its little design is appropriate for aquariums of any size, including nano tanks.
It is advisable to use the plants as background or foreground decoration rather than positioning them to emphasise the middle of the tank.
There are countless options for aquascaping, but it’s crucial to understand how to keep your tank in balance.
Maintenance and Care
The growth rate of the smaller, more compact Alternanthera Reineckii is what distinguishes it from the larger species. Because of this, it was given the name Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, which makes it better suited for nano aquariums.
Regular trimming will result in more young stems that can grow into new plants. Additionally, it lessens the bushy appearance that can obscure the view of your other preferred tank plants.
To keep its ideal hue and a satisfactory development pattern, give your plants enough carbon dioxide and iron. It will flourish on good substrates, hospitable surroundings, and ideal illumination.
If given the correct care, the plant can reproduce in great numbers in an aquarium. Even novice hobbyists may complete the process easily and quickly.
Care should be used before planting. To keep it from floating away, take sure to clip the stems before driving it deeply through the substrate.
To enable light reflection to reach the lowest part of the leaves, the stems should be planted separately, 1.5 inches apart.
You could wish to group the plants towards the centre if you’re going to put them in a small aquarium. The colour display will be a breathtaking sight at the moment of light.
You can divide the bushes, group them together, and clip the tops and lateral shoots. Trim the herb plants to look tidy and dense using a specialist tool or a pair of tweezers.
If you trim the shrub to a height of 5 to 10 centimetres, as opposed to spreading a purple-red carpet on the substrate, you will get more astonishing results. But to ensure stable planting and simple absorption, be sure to pick an organic, nutrient-rich soil powder.
Cut the shoots from mature, healthy plants into sections to produce new roots from those fragments. These will eventually progressively anchor in the substrate to start the growth process.
You decide how long it should be clipped, even if it can grow up to 20 cm. Be careful not to overdo it.
Simply cut the stems off the AR-Mini variant and replant them one at a time or in groups. There is no difference in its propagation, whether you choose its natural or shrunken form.
However, this species also exists in cultivated form. A cutting-edge lab that specialises in aquarium plants is used to grow the tissue-cultured plants in vitro cups.
This procedure ensures that you will receive the best AR Mini available, free of unwanted bugs that could infect your tank. Remove the tissue, then soak and squeeze the gel until it is entirely gone.
Because of its brilliant colours, Alternanthera reineckii Mini is well-liked by aquarium hobbyists. There will eventually be five distinguishable cultivars of this plant. Among them is the well-known AR Mini which is an easy cultivar, most widespread of its variety, and priced reasonably.
These little but lovely AR micro plants appear to be able to energise your tank. One of the few crimson creeping plants that adds charm to the entire setup is this one.
Alternanthera Reineckii Mini has delicate leaves with vivid colours and patterns. Each leaf has a sage green appearance, with an upper portion that can turn brown, and a bottom portion that can range from purple to magenta red.
You can adopt this plant without hesitation if you enjoy keeping pets like fish and plants. It provides a lovely view that you can use as the aquarium’s main draw. This plant should be stretched out throughout the substrate like a crimson carpet underwater, according to aquarists.
If you are new to aquascaping, consider designing your aquarium in advance to portray the idea you have in mind. In all its splendour, the Alternanthera Reineckii Mini can add the ideal finishing touch to the aquarium of your dreams.
Temperature: 4 to 30°C
Carbonate Hardness: up to 14°dKH
General Hardness: up to 30°dGH
CO2: Regular injection to exude deep coloration. (6-14 mg per liter of water)
CO2 injection rate: 31/min -> ~ 0.5 bps
Substrate: organic or aqua soil in fine granules
Water pH level: 6.0 to 7.0
Water pH value: 5 to 7
NH3/NH4+: recommended 0.5 ppm (mg/L)
Nitrite: recommended 0.003 (mg/L)
Nitrate: 10 (mg/L)
Fertilizer: 2 or 3 times per week
Iron: Daily dosage
Flourish 0.6
Nitrogen 0.4
Phosphorous 0.9
Potassium 1.1
Trace 1.7
Care Input: Mild to Medium
Maintenance Difficulty: Moderate
Light Provision: Moderate to High (at 0.50 watt per liter)
Light Period: minimum of 10hrs./day
Filter System: Internal Overflow System


It is a wonderful decoration of the water landscape. It is a charming and immediately eye-catching plant. The plant looks great in a variety of aquascapes, as a rule, this plant is used as a focusing point. Alternanthera reineckii remains an excellent adornment of ornamental aquariums. Stems becomes 25-50 cm tall. Good light encourages the leaves to turn red. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it in the substrate. This also makes the mother plant more bushy, because more side shoots are formed. Alternanthera reineckii is originated in South America. It is little bit difficult to grow, but this one is relatively undemanding.

A source of iron will help to intensify red colour. the plant is easy to care for if given right condition, which include strong lighting and iron rich substrates. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it in the bottom. This also makes the mother plant more bushy, because more side shoots are formed.

The purple colour underneath Alternanthera reineckii “Pink” leaves provides an effective contrast to the many green plants in an aquarium – particularly when planted in groups. Good light encourages the leaves to turn red.


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