Selaginella Apoda Fern (plant clump)


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Selaginella apoda, commonly known as the “meadow spikemoss” or “resurrection fern,” is a species of fern-like plant in the Selaginellaceae family. Despite being referred to as a fern, it’s not a true fern but rather a member of the ancient group of plants known as lycophytes. Here’s some information about Selaginella apoda:

  1. Appearance: Selaginella apoda has a dense, spreading growth habit with branching stems covered in small, overlapping leaves. The leaves are typically bright green and scale-like, giving the plant a feathery appearance. It forms a low, carpet-like mat as it spreads.
  2. Habitat: This plant is native to North America and can be found in various habitats such as moist woodlands, meadows, marshes, and along stream banks. It thrives in areas with consistent moisture and partial shade.
  3. Characteristics: Selaginella apoda is known for its ability to tolerate periods of drought by curling its foliage and appearing desiccated. However, when moisture returns, it quickly rehydrates and resumes its vibrant appearance, hence the common name “resurrection fern.”
  4. Cultural Requirements: In cultivation, Selaginella apoda requires a well-draining, humus-rich soil mix. It prefers consistently moist soil but can tolerate brief periods of dryness. Bright, indirect light is ideal, although it can also grow in partial shade.
  5. Propagation: Meadow spikemoss can be propagated easily by division. Simply divide the plant into smaller sections, ensuring each section has both roots and foliage, and replant them in suitable growing conditions.
  6. Uses: Selaginella apoda is often used as a ground cover in shaded areas or terrariums. Its ability to tolerate low light and occasional dryness makes it a popular choice for indoor gardening.
  7. Maintenance: This plant generally requires minimal maintenance. Regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist is essential, especially during dry periods. Pruning may be necessary to control its growth and prevent it from spreading too vigorously.

Overall, Selaginella apoda is a charming and resilient plant that can add texture and interest to shaded areas both indoors and outdoors. Its unique ability to revive after drying out makes it a fascinating addition to any plant collection.


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