Limnophila Hippuridoides/ Limnophila aromatica (large pot)

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Note: the emersed and submerged forms of the plant are extremely different. Depending on the availability at the farm, we will dispatch any of the grown forms.

Quantity: more than 8 stems in a large pot

Origin: Asia

Plant positioning: Midground

Light requirement: low

CO2 requirement: low

Plant difficulty level: easy

Plant Propagation: Stem cuttings

Limnophila aromatica
A member of the Plantaginaceae family of aquatic plants, Limnophila aromatica is an aquatic flowering plant. The mentioned plant is native to Asia, more specifically South East Asia, where it is primarily utilised as a soothing decorating plant in fish tanks to make the environment more enticing for tropical fish.
This unusual plant is a member of the Plantain family of blooming plants, which was first discovered in Malaysia’s tropical water beds. Due of its ruggedness, Limnophila aromatica is sometimes known as paddy rice herb. It can flourish in any moist or watery setting that is extremely hot.
It is well known for its soft, tapered leaves that are green on the front and slightly purplish on the back. Such plants have a wide range of colouring because of unregulated light exposure, which alters the natural colours.
Cuttings are the most efficient method of growing Limnophila aromatica. You must separate the group of jumbled stems into separate plants in order for the plant to grow quickly and healthily. You can trim any broken leaves and put the stems further apart. This method will undoubtedly lead to the growth of some robust and stunning flowering plants.
Limnophila Aromatica Care
The needs of the plant can be a little demanding in environments with strict controls, like home aquariums. To ensure that it grows as expected, its keeper must give it the most light possible.
It is very advised to regularly take certain supplements in order to ensure the healthy growth of the aforementioned plant. CO2 (20–30 mg/L), iron, phosphate, nitrate, and other minerals are among its essential requirements.
The requirements needed for the plant to thrive in a controlled environment should be considered when providing Limnophila aromatica care. The Limnophila Aromatica cannot flourish in a tank with inadequate lighting or a deficiency in necessary minerals.
For instance, constant phosphate levels are required to prevent algae from developing on plant leaves.
Limnophila aromatica can be multiplied easily because it grows a variety of branches that can be cut off and replanted.
One can readily obtain a variety of cuttings throughout the summer months. You don’t need to bother putting the sprouts into the substrate because it is simpler for the plant to grow above water than it is below it.
Even miniature Limnophila aromatica branches with white blooms may be present, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium.
If pruned at specific intervals, this flowering plant can develop really quickly. As a result, you may rapidly achieve the bushy aesthetic that most tank enthusiasts prefer.
A delightful perennial plant called Limnophila Aromatica can entice all hobbyists with its captivating colours, which range from green to red and purple pink. The leaves of Limnophila aromatica typically grow in pairs and are relatively thin and pointed.
Trimming them aggressively is not necessary; doing so will just encourage the plant to grow quickly and produce the bush effect we previously discussed.
Growth Rate
The growth rate of Limnophila aromatica is fairly rapid. Up to 27 inches can be reached by these plants. They will quickly spread across your tank if you take care of them.
The size of the tank is less important because Limnophila aromatica can grow easily in crowded conditions. However, propagation may be challenging if the tank is too small. It’s fine to use a tank of medium size.
Limnophila aromatica can be grown under dim light conditions, but they won’t grow much or produce the desired colours in the tank. Bright light is necessary for this species to survive. Our experts advise including an external light in the tank to ensure that the plant’s growth is unaffected even throughout the winter.
For Limnophila aromatica, regular aquarium soil and heavy clay sand are suggested. So that the soil medium doesn’t appear mushy, you can add some stones. This advice is given because the clay sand already has the minerals the plant needs to flourish, saving you the trouble of adding fertilisers or other supplements.
Water Quality
Hard water environments that are mineral-rich are ideal for the growth of Limnophila aromatica. Additionally, it needs water that is warm enough to meet its needs and that has a balanced level of phosphate and CO2 so that its stunning colours may fully bloom.
Benefits of Limnophila Aromatica
The advantages that Limnophila aromatica will provide to your tank’s residents are numerous. Continue reading to learn what they are!
With its vibrant, luxuriant colours, Limnophila aromatica will complement your tank’s aesthetics. Additionally, it will create a tranquil and peaceful ambiance in your tank, making it a comfortable location for the fish you keep there.
Hiding Places
When properly established, Limnophila aromatica has a bushy appearance with thin but dense-looking leaves that serve as the ideal laying area for any species of fish.
Because Limnophila aromatica must thrive in conditions of hard water, it has a high nutritional level. Because of this, as its leaves wither, they provide as food for fish that scavenge.
Limnophila Aromatica are known to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen at a high rate, making your tank healthy for the fish you will keep in it. One of the most exquisite flowering plant species is Limnophila aromatica, which looks wonderful in any fish tank. It offers the tank a great aesthetic appearance and serves as the ideal hiding place for the fish.
The plant’s coloration simply depends on the environment you provide for it. In a good environment, the plant will be the most colourful, which will ultimately be advantageous to you. When the leaves of this aquatic plant are crushed, a very subtle aroma is released. Don’t worry; they are not poisonous and your aquarium will look amazing with them.
Common Name: Purple Aromatica
Plant Use: Background
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Light Demand: High
Co2 Demand: Medium
Fertilizer Demand: Medium


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